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I'm Jenna, a Nashville-based music producer!

You may know me as "that jingle girl" — the one who, following in the footsteps of her mentor, Gary Fry, pursued her dream of becoming a jingle-writer. With over 700 reviews and notable clients such as Honda, Hyundai and American Express, I rekindled a career path that people thought no longer existed.

But enough of the braggy stuff...

For me, the joy of music isn't in the music itself but the message and purpose it serves. It's the way music tells a story, and the feeling when a vision comes to life that I crave.

As a producer for sync, my style changes from project to project. But some key ingredients you may find in my productions are jazzy '50's-style vocals, cuban-influenced rhythms, spicy distortions and delays, energetic rapping and cinematic orchestral goodness. Oh...and you can never go wrong with a harp gliss!

One of the things I take pride in as a freelancer is working with people from across the globe. I'm always eager to bring diverse perspectives into my music, and as a female music producer - I hope to challenge what a music producer can look like. ​

jingle girl, jingle girl, jingle all way. Oh what fun, it is to be making music every day. Hey!

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